Staying holed up in your apartment for 24 hours watching 30 Rock reruns just so you can fill out your OK Cupid profile is just as bad (or worse) than braving Hurricane Irene. Fortunately, there are establishments across town that have refused to buckle under pressure and let storm-terrorists win. Here are a few places that claim they'll be open during the deluge.

The Dutch must serve tasty, if trendy cuisine in a loud-ass dining room and they will continue to do this throughout the storm. "We're going to treat it like any other weekend and hope for the best," an owner tells Grub Street. Ditto for Imperial No. 9, whose staff will be staying at the Mondrian Hotel tonight, ensuring that they can't pull that BS "the subway is closed" excuse, and Public claims they have "1,000 candles in case the power goes out."

If you're not looking to put on the ritz because you spent all your cash on rain gear, the folks over at Crif Dogs say they've purchased generators. Just need a booze infusion? Our favorites DBA, Pete's Candy Store, and The Commodore ("probably") will be open. See a fuller list of bars that are open here, and if you get caught in 75 MPH winds, try and stumble home with someone who lives close by.