Coke vs. Pepsi. Ali vs. Frazier. Yankees vs. Red Sox. And now, 99 Cent Fresh Pizza vs. Ray's Pizza. The two neighboring midtown pizza places have been engaged in an italian ice-cold war which escalated recently when Ray's slashed the price of a slice from $2.75 to just 75 cents.

Ray's workers deny any grudge, but 99 Cent manager Imran Ahmed thinks this is a calculated attack: "They're trying to fight with us almost, showing attitude. It's kinda stupid. They were trying to block our customers, screaming, 'Don't go there!' Ray's also introduced a 99 cent menu featuring burgers, pasta, and more, further enraging Ahmed: "We were here first, so who's making war? Not us! I never put somebody over there to bother them. The flyer guy goes everywhere." This is certainly the most heated pizza war since the classic Joe's Pizza vs. Joe's Pizza war of last week.