Totonno's pizza by Slice NY

The New Yorker's profile of George Giove, the "twenty-nine-year-old journeyman pizzaiolo" who competes in "freestyle pizza throwing" for the U.S. Pizza Team made us hungry for some pizza today. So we checked out NY magazine's Best Pizza of NY and noticed that while there are some nearby Manhattan options, Gothamist really just wants some of the "blistered crust, the sweet mozzarella ooze, the dabs of sauce all coalesce into a work of art" of Totonno's, which was honored with Best Old School Pie. Unfortunately, Totonno's is in Coney Island. Fortunately, the Slice Pizza Club is going to Totonno's and will ride the Cyclone this Sunday.


And here's a look at the acrobatic team of the USPT. You can also see a movie of last year's competition (.mov - kind of large), and it's truly something else.

And, finally, in more ridiculous food news, Macy's is going to test-market Cosi sandwich shops in their department stores, so people can eat within the confines of Macy's - without sneaking to the food court. Cosi is pretty good, but Gothamist will never be able to have another sandwich made out of Cosi's signature Pizza Romano flat bread again - we were forcefed Cosi sandwiches by an early employer who didn't want us to leave the office during lunch.