Get ready to have your perception of sliders get blown out of the box. Pizza Hut is changing the game, or rather totally inaccurately using the term "slider," with their latest offering: the Big Pizza Slider. This is not a hamburger-pizza hybrid, nor is it "big"—it is just a tiny pizza that measures 3.5" across. Below, the "innovation" is described as both "mega" and "mini," calling to mind Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself," where he wrote, "I am mega and mini, I contain multitudes (ie. up to three toppings)."

"Made with signature Pizza Hut Pan Pizza dough, these mega mini pizzas come nine to a box for $10 or three for $5 and are all about customization. Customers can choose up to three different recipe combos with up to three toppings each. That means you get what you want and what everyone else wants all at the same time. There's officially no more 'fight' in pizza night."

Tomorrow "the Hut" is offering them up for free, from 4 to 7 p.m., you'll find participating locations here.