Millennials are notorious for destroying the economy their baby boomer betters so diligently built—they're not taking out loans to overspend on houses or cars, they refuse to spend money on dumb crap they can't afford, and they're killing a fast food industry that's spent the last half-century or so preying on human arteries. But one loathsome "pizza" chain is trying to trick Gen Yers into purchasing their abominable making a pizza box that doubles as a movie projector. Okay then.

Pizza Hut's new Blockbuster Box (millennials remember Blockbuster!) comes outfitted with a lens you can use as a projector once you've removed the pizza inside. You can then prop up your phone inside the box, enter a download code provided by Pizza Hut, and play the ensuing movie; the lens'll project the film onto a nearby wall. Behold:

Ogilvy & Mather HK - Blockbuster Pizza Box from Work that works on Vimeo.

Tragically, the Blockbuster Box is only available in Hong Kong. It's also a fairly dumb idea—as The Verge points out, neither the film quality nor the sound quality can match what you'd experience if you just watched a movie on your laptop like a normal person.

Still, this has to be better than some of Pizza Hut's marketing ideas, which have included a shrimp tempura, mayo, and hotdog pizza; pizza "sliders" ; and "Crazy Cheesy Crust" pizza, which was basically just pizza with more cheese.

Note that none of these creative endeavors have managed to mask the fact that Pizza Hut's pizza sucks.