Remember when Pizza Hut announced that it wanted to subvert the democratic process in order to get some free publicity at tomorrow's presidential debate? Y'know, by having a member of the audience ask President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney if they prefer sausage or pepperoni on their pizzas? Well, after being roundly mocked for the horrible, depressing idea the chain has backed down. After all, they already got the publicity, eh?

Now instead of offering a free pie a week for a year to one asshole at the debates, the "pizza" company has gone and opened the opportunity up to any American asshole who wants to give the company their e-mail address. All you have to do to win is go to their website and sign up (you can find the link yourself). A Pizza Hut spokesman explained the change to the AP as being a "natural progression of the campaign" after people got excited about the idea and "wished they could get in on it." Riiiiggghhht.

Please God we hope somebody tells the audience tomorrow not to ask that question. But also, Pizza Hut? You can still go fuck yourself for even pushing this idea out there in the first place. And for having terrible "pizza."