Some of us can't run two miles without puking let alone run while simultaneously noshing on slices of pizza. And yet that's exactly what some brave souls will be attempting at this year's NYC Pizza Run taking place on September 13th in Tompkins Square Park.

The premise is simple: participants run four, counterclockwise laps around the park, stopping at three intervals to inhale a slice of pizza from nearby Pizza By Cer Te. To the winners, pizza-related prizes like gift certificates for more pizza, some tickets to Scott's Pizza tours and the like; for the losers, a possible bellyache. Well, probably bellyaches all around, come to think of it.

Jason Feirman, who chronicles his pie eating on his website I Dream Of Pizza, has been putting on the race since 2010, when he says he'd be "lucky if 20 people came out." Things are different these days and tickets are snapped up quicker than slices of Di Fara. Speaking of which, tickets go on sale today at noon; the $50 registration fee gets you entry into the race, an NYC Pizza Run t-shirt, a race bib, the three race slices, a pizza gift bag and a post-run drink at Common Ground—if you can stomach it!

A portion of the proceeds benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, so even if you lose your lunch, rest easy that you're helping a very worthy cause. If pizza isn't your jam, stay tuned for the NYC Cupcake Run, which ups the ante to a 5K around Astoria Park.