NY1 takes a look at some delicious food at different Brooklyn establishments for "Brooklyn Week," which means Gothamist will have to explore Bay Ridge and Midwood for some eats very soon. They point out L&B Spumoni Gardens (a Buffalo resident's first stop in NY), DiFara, and Lento's for pizza, while there's Rocco's Calamari for...calamari! But after so much mention of savories, you need sweets, so the segment (which Gothamist highly recommends you download from the page) end with Cakeman Raven's Confectionary in Fort Greene, famous for the red velvet cake. Cakeman Raven also makes a damn fine cheesecake, as we know from the Cheesecake Challenge. L&B Spumoni Gardens has a famous dessert, too - spumoni, which is a blend of pistachio, vanilla and chocolate Italian ice creams (gelato, we'd guess), which takes us back to the day when Gothamist would wait for our ice cream to melt and then we'd mix it up because we had OCD.

Slice has visited a few pizzerias - check out the review for DiFara as well as a shout-out for L&B.