Jeremy Piven won't be going back to Nobu anytime soon. Entourage's Ari Gold was told he better keep away from Nobu Matsuhisa's restaurant empire after his behavior in the Aspen during the recent Comedy Arts Festival there.

How does one get banned from Nobu? After a rude comment to the manager on his way out of the restaurant he left a DVD of the first season of Entourage...AS A TIP. Allegedly an employee ran up the stairs and hurled it at him as he was leaving. The Daily News reports that Piven said through his rep: "I'm such a fan of Nobu and all of his restaurants. I had a great dinner at the Nobu in Aspen. As always, the meal was excellent and the service was great."

We're gonna have to side with Nobu here, we've seen what he can do with a knife! Ultragrrrl relays another story (through a friend) of Piven's behavior:

"some friends of mine are in somewhat popular band and when they were in LA recording their cd, they went to a justin timberlake show and snuck into the VIP area. their guitar player introduced himself to jeremy piven and they made some small talk, then he started talking about the band. i guess piven stood there for about 30 seconds boredly nodding his head, then all of the sudden he literally grabbed the kids ear, pulled him towards him and whispered "i dont give a FUCK about your band, now get the fuck away from me" and pushed his head backwards and walked away.

i really would have been disappointed if jeremy piven HADN'T done that."

Looks like Piven could use another trip to India, the above photo is from his Journey of a Lifetime show.