There's no end in sight to the nauseating saga of pink slime, the ammonia-treated meat paste that appears in some 70 percent of supermarket ground beef and plenty of school lunches across the country (but not in Burger King or Taco Bell).

But, as pointed out by—a website devoted to "independent green news"—finding out what other noxious chemicals get added to our meats on a regular basis would probably send us screaming for the hills, if not the salad bar. (On second thought...) In fact, back in January the Food Safety News published a story that revealed a long list of other awful chemicals the meat industry uses on our beef, hot dogs, and all kinds of ground poultry, but are not legally required to report. The treatments prevent the infection of pathogens in our meat so that we don't yak after eating them—ironic, because this following short list of chemicals from the 52 page report seems a whole lot like poison:

Still, wrapping up the pink slime news for the day, the Daily has taken upon itself the noble task of finding out which supermarkets do or don't carry ground beef containing slime (a product which, we probably should add, is totally banned in Canada and UK). You can stock up on pink slime at Target, Walmart, Safeway, and Stop & Shop, but you won't find it on the shelves at Whole Foods, Costco, and Waldbaums.