The weather forecast, which predicted rain, might have scared some people off, but we were going to the Brooklyn Brewery's Sixth Annual Pigfest come rain or shine. Luckily, we had sunshine galore, so we were able to sample some amazing barbecue without trying to juggle an umbrella along with our ribs, chicken, pulled pork and beer.

"Fuhgeddaboutit," the New York City Barbecue Team, was out in full force, cooking several whole pigs in large smokers. The team came about when Steve Harkavy, a customer at Sam Barbieri's Waterfront Ale House, started talking to Sam about barbecue during his visits to the restaurant. Steve asked Sam if he had ever participated in a barbecue competition. When he replied that he hadn't, the next question followed quickly -- "well, do you want to?" And thus, the team was born. Bon Soir Caterers' Jeff Reilly, and Rob Richter of Big Island Barbeque also cooked for the event, all joining in for a good cause -- proceeds from this year's Pigfest went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy.

As each pig came out during the afternoon, the hungry crowd gathered around to get a taste of their favorite parts. Although we always love pork belly and loin, this time our favorite was the meat we had from the cheek, which was incredibly tender, succulent, and delicious. We didn't want to upset anyone (we know how Gothamist readers can get with the pig shots), so all the pig pictures are on flickr and not here.