Part of what makes New Yorkers different from Everyone Else is that we can do things like ingest cockroaches, rusty nail salad, mouse-dropping Cronuts, and subway air and survive. Taking things that don't belong anywhere inside of the human body and placing them inside of our human bodies—even if unknowingly—is like our super power. A little hair on your dirty water dog? No time to remove it, you've got places to be! Wake up with a cockroach crawling into your mouth? That's a delicacy for some! Things like this have, over time, built up our immunity. But we have to draw lines somewhere, and that somewhere is probably right about here:

Photo by Sara Rodich

Sara Rodich snapped this photo at a street cart on 49th Street and 6th Avenue two weeks ago, and tells us, "The owner was nowhere to be found! The pigeons were eating on the cart for a solid 10 minutes." Hold up: pigeons, plural? That's right, "There were two pigeons," Rodich points out, "one was standing on the grill eating the food and the other was just perched on the side." Here's a closer look:


We're just going to have to accept that this probably happens a lot. In fact, 9 out of 10 of us have probably dined on a pigeon-seasoned falafel. But you know what? We survived. The best we can do now is just block this image from our collective mind and keep going.