Having spent time perfecting the haute dining experience of Eleven Madison Park and the classics of the American bistro at Commerce, Chef Thomas Chen could likely tackle any culinary hurdle thrown at him. With that background, Chen has branched out on his own to open Tuome, a darling new eatery drawing in both his culinary training and his Chinese heritage.

Beginning service tomorrow night, the restaurant presents familiar dishes given an Asian twist. Take the watermelon salad, which has been fortified with grains of crispy farro, ricotta and floral chrysanthemum. Scallops get a taste of the land with carrots, maitake mushrooms (hen-of-the-woods) and a foie gras sauce, while corn gets a bright burst from kaffir lime, curry and creme fraiche. The octopus with house made XO sauce—a spicy, seafood based creation—brown butter and fingerling potatoes sounds intriguingly umami-bombed and quite different from the vinegary preparations frequently employed by restaurant kitchens.

A large format dish for a duo called the Pig Out includes Berkshire pork with spicy peanut noodles and house made condiments including a fiery lime sambal and a ginger scallion sauce. On the side, a grilled peach and candied walnut salad. While enjoying your pork feast, take a moment to inspect your surroundings, which include a cherry oak bar, vintage oak and metal stools and light fixtures sourced from a Philadelphia milk factory dating back to the 1890s.

536 East 5th Street at Avenue B, (646) 833-7811; website