When beloved eateries are forced out by new development, there's not always a happy ending; luckily, decades-old Upper East Side restaurant Nancy's Pig Heaven is one of the exceptions. After being evicted from its home of 30 years to make way for a condominium, the eatery has been granted a new lease on life just a block from its old digs on Second Avenue, according to the Post. And owner Nancy Lee has a little bit of nostalgia to thank for it.

The restaurant's new landlord at 1420 Third Avenue actually grew up eating at Pig Heaven. "We're very happy to have them," exclaimed Alexander Brodsky. "I've been going to Pig Heaven since I was a kid, and I've known Nancy for 10 years." Brodsky's family has owned the block for two decades, so hopefully Lee and her delicious BBQ pork can stick around for the foreseeable future. More of this reasonable landlord behavior, please!

According to their website, Pig Heaven plans to open as soon as "licensing, permitting, [and] minor construction issues" are solved; stay tuned to their Facebook for updates.