There may be satisfaction on the horizon for fans of the southern comfort food dished out at Pies 'n' Thighs, the beloved South Williamsburg hole in the wall that shut down last month. Upon closing, the owners vowed to reopen a “bigger, better, more miraculous hole in the wall!” Eater caught wind of a local Community Board hearing last night, during which the owners' plans to obtain a license for beer and wine was scheduled for review.

The possible location is 166 South 4th Street, a few blocks east from their previous location. But owner Sarah Buck cautions that everything is up in the air at this point; they have yet to sign the lease. Since liquor licenses can take an agonizingly long time to come through, the appearance before the Community Board was intended to get the process started. (The Community Board approved their request, which is just one step on the journey of a thousand miles.)

So for now, it's cross your thighs and wait. But for the true obsessive, a tantalizing interior photo of your (possible) future hook-up for pulled pork, captured through that very window seen on the west wall!


Yes, the journey of a thousand miles to a more miraculous hole in wall begins with a single step.