Alas, the Manhattan outpost of Williamsburg-born Pies 'n' Thighs was not meant to be, and the restaurant will shut its doors after this weekend's service. Co-owner Carolyn Bane tells Eater that "a true Pies is a great hang and we never quite achieved that in this spot." Blame the tourists.

The Canal Street location was a bit more spacious than its Brooklyn counterpart, though it served a very similar menu, anchored by that dope fried chicken. It's difficult to replicate vibes, though, as Bane seems to indicate here. If it doesn't command a line, how can you build that anticipation?

But those pies and thighs have been through turmoil before and emerged just as deep fried delicious as ever on the other side. Their now-permanent home on South 4th Street has been going strong for over six years.