We had the pleasure of attending a food-blogger get together of sorts this past weekend, hosted by Chris of Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen, Ann of A Chicken in Every Granny Cart and Jon of Wheelhouse Pickles. Sure, there was great conversation and booze and whatnot, but the highlight of the evening were the pickled delights from Wheelhouse.


We tasted the Big Bang Okra, Top Shelf Beets, Horseradish Spiked Wax Beans, and one pickle variety that had one hell of a spicy kick to it, but our absolute favorite were the pears. Pickled pears? Yes. Irma's Pears are available on the Wheelhouse website, pickled in mirin, rice wine vinegar, lime juice and soy, and seasoned further with tangerine, scallion and black sesame seeds. They would be fantastic on top of a simply broiled pork chop (sustainably raised, of course).

Wheelhouse pickles are produced in small batches and are currently available in a few retail outlets in Brooklyn (Stinky Bklyn, and Blue Apron) and on their website.

Photo courtesy of Smitten, via flickr.