PickYourOwnApples_10-7-06.jpgSome would say that the middle of the summer is prime time to go pick your own fruits, and granted the prospect of a cheap bushel of self-picked berries has appeal. That being said, growing up in the NYC area, apple picking was the most accessible and popular pick your own activity – save for certain subsections of NJ where strawberries likely have a longstanding legacy. The Northeastern United States has a long and storied history of apple growing stretching back to the British arriving in the colonies and finding the only native apples here were crab apple. They promptly brought over seeds, established nurseries and began to propagate the growing of apples all up and down the East Coast, and with the help of people like Johnny Appleseed out to the Midwest.

So with all this in mind we suggest you use one of the upcoming fall weekend to check in on the fall foliage changes and pick some apples – or even pumpkins for Halloween.

Here are some resources
Greenmarket listings for pick your own
- Pick your own for New York state
- Pick your own for New Jersey
- Fall foliage map
- Fall foliage cams

Any places you've been to pick your own apples and pumpkins that we should visit?