The McDonald's at 160 Broadway has long held the distinction of being the classiest McD's in NYC because of the grand piano positioned above the entrance. But now it seems the days of listening to live music while eating Big Macs is coming to an end.

WCBS 2 reports that the owner of the location is looking to renovate and the grand piano doesn't fit in with the new aesthetic. Owner Paul Goodman said, "While I know there may be disappointment about the piano going away, I am currently exploring new musical entertainment that reflects the new and contemporary design."

Ron McClure, a customer who has been playing the piano at least twice a week for the past 10 years, was dismayed, telling WCBS 2, "I love it and a lot of people do. I think it means a lot more than he understands. This really hurts, because I mean I really enjoyed it.” Here's a video of McClure playing some jazz there: