Which NYC Chef Is Haunted By Lobster Nightmares?

<p>Seamus Mullen of <a href="">Boqueria</a> made Ensalada de Tomatoes y Mejillones, an heirloom tomato salad with sugar snap peas, pickled mussels, and sherry vinegar.</p>

<p><em><a href="">Akhtar Nawab</a>, Elettaria</em></p><p><strong>Have you had any time off this summer?</strong></p><p>I did. I took my kid fishing in North Carolina. It was fun.</p><p><strong>Catch anything?</strong></p><p>A lot of small stuff. We had to throw everything back. </p><p><strong>What was the last movie you saw?</strong></p><p>Transformers.</p><p><strong>Was it good?</strong></p><p>It was pretty good, the sequel. Revenge of the Fallen. I like that kind of thing, though. </p><p><strong>Are you excited about any particular restaurant openings this Fall?</strong></p><p>You know, I'm not even sure what's even opening this season because I'm so focused on my own restaurant. But I'm always eager to check out new places. </p><p><strong>What's going on at Elettaria these days?</strong></p><p>Hot dogs. We're knee deep in <a href="">hot dogs</a>. We have a bar menu now, sort of specifically because we're making these hot dogs, but also because they're pretty fucking good. We're also making a corn dog with Anson Mills polenta, and now that fresh corn is getting really good, we're folding that in to the batter and making a real <a href="">Toxic Avenger</a> kind of corn dog. We're doing a chili dog now with Indian spices, which is kind of cool, and we also have a large hot dog that we're doing right now that's kind of more like a Chicago style dog. </p><p><strong>What's that one called?</strong></p><p>It's just called "the large dog."</p>

<p>Akhtar Nawab made marinated calamari with coco beans and ginger-carrot vinaigrette. It's also on the menu at Elettaria. </p>

<p><em>Jennifer McCoy from <a href="">A Voce</a>. At left, the chef's torta di maize with grilled peaches, crème fraîche, and toasted hazelnuts.</em></p><p><strong>As a pastry chef, is there anything in particular you're looking forward to as the weather cools?</strong></p><p>Definitely late summer, early fall figs, and then later on, squash, pumpkins, and all that stuff. I think Fall is one of my favorite seasons. </p><p><strong>What are your restaurant recommendations for late night snacks?</strong></p><p>I live on the edge of Chinatown, and I love Vietnamese food, so <a href="">Pho Grand</a>. </p><p><strong>How long have you been at A Voce?</strong></p><p>About six months.</p><p><strong>Where were you before that?</strong></p><p>I was working for this guy <em>[points to Marc Forgione]</em> at Forge.</p><p><strong>Marc Forgione:</strong> Fantastic restaurant. Used to be called <a href="">Forge</a>.</p><p><strong>McCoy:</strong> Formerly known as Forge.</p>

<p>A bite-sized piece of a lobster roll. </p>

<a href="">Alain Allegretti</a>, Allegretti restaurant, a.k.a <a href="">The Hottest Chef in New York</a>.

<p>Allegretti's dish of crab with Provençal vegetables.</p>

<p><em><a href="">Craig Hopson</a>, Le Cirque</em></p><p><strong>Are you looking forward to any Fall movies?</strong></p><p>You know, I don't think about things that far in advance.</p><p><strong>What was the last movie you saw?</strong></p><p>The Hangover.</p><p><strong>Any good?</strong></p><p>Very funny. Nothing fancy, but it was good.</p><p><strong>What about restaurants? Have you been anyplace good recently?</strong></p><p><a href="">Locanda Verde</a>. Great food, very simple. That's the last time I went out, and before that I can't remember the last time. </p><p><strong>What's going on at Le Cirque?</strong></p><p>Overall, we're bringing the prices down, and we've started doing a la carte. In September we're introducing a 5 course tasting menu for $90.</p>

<p>Craig Hopson's duck confit and green mango salad with mizuna and honey vinaigrette.</p>

<p><em><a href="">Maneet Chauhan</a>, At Vermillion restaurant</em></p><p><strong>You're serving <a href="">pani puri</a> today.</strong></p><p>Yes we are.</p><p><strong>How come nobody makes pani puri at restaurants?</strong></p><p>You know, I don't know. There's a difficult technique there, and it's really an art. It's complicated, especially to make the puffs, but it's really one of the funnest dishes I've ever had.</p><p><strong>Do you ever serve it at the restaurant?</strong></p><p>We do serve it! We just started an Indian <a href="">chaat</a> stand on the patio outside the restaurant.</p><p><strong>So anyone can walk right up and get some Indian street food?</strong></p><p>It's open Monday to Friday, from 5 to 9. We call it the Bombay Alley. </p>

<p>The crowd at <a href="">Chefs &amp; Champagne</a>. </p>