Where To Pair Chinese Food with Movie Theaters On Christmas

<strong>Pacificana</strong>: Dim-sum brunch would be a fitting way to start the day off on Christmas, but if the basement lounges of Flushing aren't your thing, <a href="">Pacificana</a> in Sunset Park offers the food in a bit more posh atmosphere. Everything is on the menu, from the simplest vegetable dumplings to fried duck tongue, jelly fish, goose web with sea cucumber and snails in black bean sauce. We say go with the traditional whole Peking Duck for $28.95, and make sure they cut the head off at the table, a la Christmas Story.<p></p><em>813 55th Street, Brooklyn; (718) 871-2880</em><p></p>Nearby movie theater: <a href="">Bay Ridge Alpine Cinemas</a>

<a href="">Katie Sokoler</a>/Gothamist<p></p><strong>Fatty Crab</strong>: Ok, so it's not a traditional Chinese place, but on Christmas day the mini-chain will be turning both their <a href="">Upper West Side</a> and their West Village locations into "<a href="">No. 1 Fatty</a>," somewhat more "traditional" Chinese spots. From noon until midnight the <a href=";utm_medium=feed&amp;utm_campaign=Feed:+nymag/grubstreet+('s+Food+and+Restaurant+Blog)">menu will feature</a> Crab Rangoon, pork spare ribs, General Tso’s and wonton soup. Fatty Crab warns, "Make reservations now." <p></p><em>643 Hudson Street, (212) 352-3592 <p></p>2170 Broadway, (212) 496-CRAB</em><p></p>Nearby movie theaters: Head to <a href="">AMC Lowes 84th Street Theater</a> for the Upper West Side location, <a href="">IFC Theater</a> if you're in the West Village.

<p>Flickr user <a href="">Urch</a></p><p></p><strong>Excellent Dumpling House:</strong> We have it on good authority that Excellent Dumpling House's scallion pancakes will make you wish it were Christmas every day (providing you come from a family that enjoys Chinese food on Christmas). And though restaurants with adjectives like "Excellent" in the name usually don't live up to the claims, the dumplings are just as good as they say. <a href="">Try the pan fried pork dumpling</a> with homemade dipping sauce, dumpling soup or their authentic cold noodles. The space is a little cramped, but Christmas is for celebrating togetherness, right?<p></p><em>111 Lafayette Street, (212) 219-0212</em><p></p>Nearby movie theater: <a href="">Tribeca Cinemas</a>

<a href="">Via Yelp</a><p></p><strong>Grand Sichuan International:</strong> This Chinatown mainstay specializes in no-frills, spicy Chinese, and what it lacks in ambiance it makes up for in taste. <a href="">Their Hot Pot</a> with half spicy broth is a favorite, as is the juicy tea-smoked duck, which would make a great centerpiece to a December 25th feast. <a href="">One Yelp reviewer warned</a>, "Don't come with a picky eater and/or vegetarian or kosher eater," but there do seem to be a lot of options on the menu, so even the pickiest eater can stuff themselves with basic vegetable lo mein.<p></p><em>125 Canal Street, (212) 625-9212</em><p></p>Nearby movie theater: <a href="">Landmark's Sunshine Cinema </a>

<p>Flickr user <a href="">stu_spivack</a></p><p></p><strong>Golden Mall</strong>: We wouldn't get through a New York Chinese food roundup without a trip to Flushing, so we might as well go to the granddaddy of Chinese restaurants. This one-stop-shop for every type of Chinese food you could ever wish for may be small, cramped and dry, but if you're looking for more of an adventure on Christmas day it would be worth the trip out to Flushing. You can get hand pulled noodles at Lanzhou Handmade Noodles, oyster pancakes at Hou Yi Taiwanese Steak House, or even the spicy lamb sandwich (pictured) at Xi An Famous Foods. It probably helps to know a little Chinese if you actually want to know what you're eating, but if you're adventurous enough to stuff your face with whatever they put in front of you, the price is right.<p></p><em>41-28 Main Street, Queens</em><p></p>Nearby movie theater: <a href="">Lesser New Main Street Cinemas</a>