What To Eat At Citi Field This Year

South Bay Lobster Tacos from Catch of the Day<br?

Dan & John's Wings<br>

Risotto Balls from Aracini Bros<br>

Rao's Steak Pizzaiola Hero<br>

Stadium cheesesteak<br>

Fried Cheesecake from Junior's<br>

Porsche Grille doughnuts<br>

Stadium pan-seared cod<br>

Tribeca Grill Red Wine Braised Short Rib<br>

Pat LaFrieda Steak Frites over Waffle Fries<br>

Pat LaFrieda Original Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich<br>

Sandwiches from Queens's Leo's Latticini<br>

Box Frites Chicken Poppers<br>

Baohaus Chairman Bao pork belly<br>

Nicoletta Chicken Parmesan<br>

Fuku Chicken Sandwich<br>

Leo Latticini's cannoli<br>

Sushi from Daruma<br>

Taqueria Carnitas Tacos<br>

Blue Smoke Mac N Cheese with brown butter breadcrumbs, pickled jalapeno, and brisket<br>

Papa Rosso Pizza<br>

New York Deli Pastrami Sandwiches<br>