Two Ambitious Vietnamese Restaurants Opened Recently, Only One Of Them Is Any Good

Hanoi House: Bun Cha ($19)<br/>

Hanoi House: Grilled Eggplant ($7.50)<br/>

Hanoi House: Pho Bac ($12)<br/>

Hanoi House: Clams and Congee ($18)<br/>

Hanoi House: Crispy Spring Rolls ($9)<br/>

Bunker: Mushroom Fried Rice ($15)<br/>

Bunker: Bo Luc Lac ($20)<br/>

Bunker: Turmeric Wild Blue Catfish ($19)<br/>

Bunker: Bun Cha ($17)<br/>

Bunker: Beef Jerky Papaya Salad ($11)<br/>

Hanoi House: Papaya and Crispy Pig Ear ($13)<br/>