These Local Honeys Make Rosh Hashanah So Much Sweeter

<br/><br/><strong><a href="">Brooklyn Grange</a></strong><br/><strong>Location:</strong> Brooklyn Navy Yard<br/><strong>Where to buy: </strong>Markets around the city. McGolrick Park Market in Greenpoint, Smorgasburg Market in Williamsburg, and at their personal market at the Long Island City farm building.

<br/><br/>"We choose to do wildflower honey [because] it has the highest variety of different kind of pollens," says Emily Vaughn of Brooklyn Grange. "It combats the widest range of allergies, and also we just like the flavor. Very floral, obviously, and just a nice blend."

<br/><br/><strong><a href="">Bronx Bees</a></strong><br/><strong>Location:</strong> South Bronx<br/><strong>Where to buy: </strong>NYC Honey Day was their public debut. Until now, they had only shared harvests with friends and acquaintances. To order a jar, <a href="">visit their website</a> and contact the beekeepers directly.

<br/><br/>Majora Carter—who keeps eight hives on the roof of her brownstone in the South Bronx—didn't used to like honey until she started making it. She also boasts a line of honey-based beauty products: "We started with the honey, and the beauty products were just a little experiment. Honey itself has such healing properties, and you can do so much with it." Products include honey-based hair gel, skin conditioner and honey-lime scrub. Most importantly, they're all edible.

<br/><br/><strong><a href="">Wilk Apiary</a></strong><br/><strong>Location:</strong> Queens<br/><strong>Where to buy: </strong>Contact the beekeepers at <a href=""></a> for more information.

<br/><br/>What sets Wilk honey apart from other NYC varieties? Personalization by neighborhood: "We have a lot of zip code-specific honeys," says Dino Ness. "We like to have a hive that's specific to your zip code. It's a single hive honey that's unblended, just like fine scotch or bourbon. But we have blended honeys also."

<br/><br/><strong><a href="">Andrew's Honey</a></strong><br/><strong>Location:</strong> Hives in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Westchester and Fairfield County.<br/><strong>Where to buy: </strong>Union Square Market on Mondays and Wednesdays.

<br/><br/>Andrew Coté, <a href="">Andrew's Honey</a> founder and trailblazing urban agriculturalist, doesn't limit his honey-cultivating skills to the farmer's market. He is the founder of <a href="">Bees Without Borders</a>, an organization that teaches beekeeping skills to impoverished peoples around the world. He is also something of a honey celeb; over the years, his projects have been featured in an array of publications and television programs.

<br/><br/>Just a fraction of the many New York honey varieties Andrew produces.