Soufflé Pancakes, Waygu Sushi & Hangover Sandwiches: First Look At All The New Deliciousness Coming To Smorgasburg

Nordic Hangover Sandwich, at Smør<br/>

Lobster Sticky Rice, at Jing Fong<br/>

Curried Herring Smørrebrød, at Smør<br/>

Waygu Sando, at Tojo's Kitchen<br/>

Birria Taco, at Chofi Familia<br/>

Rainbow Unicorn Soufflé Pancakes mishap, at Fluffy's<br/>

De-Devil'd Egg, at Crack'd<br/>

Meatball Sandwich, at Amazeballs<br/>

Waygu Sushi getting smoked, at Tojo's Kitchen<br/>

Waygu Sushi, at Tojo's Kitchen<br/>

Mantu, at Nansense<br/>

Blueberry Cheesecake Soufflé Pancakes, at Fluffy's<br/>

Poutine, at The Flying V<br/>

Har Gow, Siu Mai, and Veggie Dumpling, at Jing Fong<br/>

Muzzlebag Sandwich, at Muzzles<br/>

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll, at Millers and Makers<br/>