Six Spots To Get Your Fake Meat Fix

<p>Happy Vegan Month! Today we're offering you a mouthwatering offering of fake meats. We can fully attest to the quality of these six spots, and have even seen devoted carnivores drool over their dishes.</p>

<strong>WILD GINGER</strong><p>There are a few different <a href="">Wild Ginger</a> restaurants around the city (Broome Street in Manhattan, Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, and Smith Street in Brooklyn)—all available for sit down dinners or delivery. They serve up some of, if not <em>the</em>, best fake me around, and even offer lunch specials starting at just $6.50 (with a main course, and some extras, like a pumpkin slice, spring roll, and miso soup). We highly recommend a soy protein dish, like the Sweet &amp; Sour Sesame Soy Protein.</p>

<strong>DAO PALATE</strong><p><a href="">Dao Palate</a> is very similar to Wild Ginger, but apparently they aren't connected. The menu is pretty much the same, with lunch specials coming with main course, soup/salad, and a spring roll—starting at $6. Personally, we order delivery to the office at least once a month, and lately have been addicted to the Crispy Pepper Soy Protein (breaded medallion of sauteed soy protein with savory tomato sauce over kale). You can order online, at Seamless or via their own website, or head over to 329 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn to dine in.</p>

<strong>VEGETARIAN PALATE</strong><p>Vegetarian Palate in Prospect Heights has plenty of stars <a href="">on Yelp</a> backing up its stellar food. Options include: Sugar Cane Drumsticks, Cornish Hen (half a vegetarian cornish chicken!), and General Tso's Soy Chicken. Those lucky enough to be in the delivery zone can order through <a href="">their website</a> (or Seamless), but anyone can dine in—they're located at 258 Flatbush Avenue.</p>

<strong>FOODSWINGS</strong><p>If you are a drunk or hungover vegetarian in Williamsburg, <a href="">this is your joint</a>. The restaurant is basically fast food for the veggie set, <a href="">serving up</a> drumsticks, disco fries, these Philly Cheese Steaks, and <a href="">the best damn milkshakes</a> in town.</p>

<strong>'SNICE</strong><p>'Snice is like your fake meat deli—while you can get coffee, desserts, salads, and some other dishes here, they really specialize in sandwiches. And since it's a vegetarian joint, they have a pretty creative menu of fake meat offerings. Above, behold: the thanksgiving leftovers sandwich. You can find them in the West Village (45 8th Avenue), on <a href="">Sullivan Street</a>, and in Park Slope (315 5th Ave).</p>

<strong>PAPACITO'S</strong><p>In Greenpoint the popular <a href="">Papacito's</a> serves up tacos stuffed with meat <em>and</em> fake meat. Aside from the usual grilled veggies option, they went a step further to offer Spicy Tempe, Seitan Asada, and SoyRizo fillings as well. They're located at 999 Manhattan Avenue.</p>