Photos: What To Eat At Mad. Sq. Eats

<br/><br/><a href="">Mad. Sq. Eats</a>, the outdoor pop-up food market, returned today for its <a href="">annual spring residency</a> across from Madison Square Park. From May 2nd through May 30th, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, it will form one prong (the other two being Shake Shack and Eataly) of the Madison Square Triangle Of Delicious. <br/><br/>30 vendors have food and drink on offer, from Mexican barbecue to Mediterranean soul food. Cheerful Marimekko prints cover the Bloomberg-standard metal tables and cafe chairs, and a convivial atmosphere reigns; strangers share tables and conversations alike at lunch hour and in the evenings. <br/><br/>David Berliner, chair of the <a href="">Madison Square Park Conservancy</a>, which hosts the event, says he's "thrilled" to see "restauranteurs bring their delicious gifts to the'll see a huge amount of diversity; people with kids, older people, people of every color and culture, that mix of cultures that's reflected in the food, which we curate carefully to reflect the diversity of NYC and of the world."<br/><br/>To save you the time of shuffling through every vendor—crucial, given that if you want a seat on a nice day, showing up early and being decisive is essential—we've picked some of the yummiest treats on offer.<br/><br/><form class="mt-enclosure mt-enclosure-image" mt:asset-id="841091" style="display: inline;"> <div class="image-none"> <img alt="050214tulips.jpg" height="480" src="" width="640"/> <br/> <i> <span class="photo_caption">(Ben Miller/Gothamist)</span></i></div> </form>

<br/><br/>While <a href="‎">L&amp;W Oysters</a> had the misfortune of opening during Hurricane Sandy, they've gained a loyal audience for bivalves &amp; other fishy treats. This shrimp and pancetta corn dog ($9), served with a house tartar sauce, puts a sweet and salty twist on a summer classic.

<br/><br/>Local favorite <a href="">Mexicue</a> is dishing up a variety of specials, including this smoked mushroom slider ($5) with corn, peppers, and parmesan. They're also pouring the cheapest beer on offer – $4 Tecate – although a MSP rep handing out liquor information to the vendors warned them not to overserve, so don't get too rowdy.

<br/><br/>If your tastes run more to draft kombucha than draft beer, try out local caterers <a href="">Two Tablespoons,</a> offering refreshing summer rolls (3 for $10) and noodle salads. Pictured: a summer roll with lentils, beets, and goatcheese.

<br/><br/><a href="">La Sonrisa empanadas</a> just had to cross the street from their parkfront location to dispense empanadas in a variety of flavors, all of them fried to order ($3.75). Also on offer: delicious Mexican Coke, made with sugar not corn syrup.

<br/><br/>The well-known <a href="">Calexico</a>, with locations across the boroughs, is peddling tacos ($3.50-4.50) and gazpacho ($5). This fish taco made with tilapia and mango salsa is particularly Instagramable against the market's colorful tablecloths.

<br/><br/>No meal would be complete without dessert. Lower East Side bakery <a href="">Melt</a> is selling ice cream sandwiches ($4) in a variety of flavors; this sweet treat is made of red velvet cookies and cream cheese ice cream.