Your complete guide to the Queens Night Market 2022

Twister Cakes

Satay Ayam from Mas Budi

Crispy Fried Beef Pastry from Mas Budi

Passion Fruit Sichuan Ice Jelly

Tonkatsu Ramen from Menyu Jiro


Mantu from Nansense

Feta Honey and Keftedakia from Avli

Janie's Pie Crust Cookies

Shor Nakhud from Nansense


Boozy Gummy Bears from Di Lena's Dolcina \

Issa Ibrahim's Issues Gallery

The Dough Club

Gi Hin Mama Food

Treat Yourself Jerk

Don Ceviche piled high

Burmese Bites

Chicken Liver Esfina from Mister Bocadillo

Dalgona from Tada Noodles

Twisted Potato

Feijoada from Beach Bistro 96

Pacoca at Beach Bistro 96