Photos Of Precious Alcohol Being Drained During The Prohibition Era

Two men pouring alcohol down a drain during prohibition, 1920. (Getty)

1922, Dry Agents Seize Alcohol in Barrels, Stored in Perfume Establishment at Hudson and 11th Street. (via <a href="">MCNY</a>)

Liquor Raid on January 24, 1923, at Luigi's in Greenwich Village. (via <a href="">MCNY</a>)

Men destroying wine and spirits in Boston during the period of prohibition, 1920. (Getty)

Beer Street: Contraband beer being spilled into the streets from barrels during the prohibition era, 1925. (Getty)

A man destroying barrels of alcohol during prohibition, 1920. (Getty)

Wine Flush: February 1920: 33,100 gallons of wine being flushed into the gutter outside the North Cucamonga Winery in Los Angeles at the start of the National Prohibition on intoxicating drink. 1920. (Getty)

<a href="">From 1931</a>, illegal beer kegs being smashed somewhere in New York City.

"Old Man Prohibition hung in effigy from a flagpole as New York celebrated the advent Repeal after 13 years of bootleg booze." (via <a href="¬word=&d=&c=&f=&k=1&lWord=&lField=&sScope=&sLevel=&sLabel=&sort=&imgs=20&pos=4&e=w">NYPL</a>)

1933. Workmen unloading crates of beer stacked at a New York brewery shortly after the repeal of prohibition. Hoorah! (Getty)

Line outside the Board of Health offices in Centre Street, New York, for licenses to sell alcohol shortly after the repeal of prohibition. 1933. (Getty)

Destroying sweet sweet whiskey (via <a href="">Library of Congress</a>)