Photos: Maison Kayser's Delectable Sweet And Savory Holiday Offerings

There's champagne in this tart!

Eric Kayser's take on a Thanksgiving dessert: Pumpkin Tart, which has creme brulee and pumpkin

The Pecan Tart

Mini versions of the pecan tart

A rich dark chocolate Buche de Noel

A Buche de Noel with mango mousse, coconut biscuit and cassis cream

The Snowflake: "Vanilla Light Cream, Mousse Champagne, Cherry Cream and White Glaze"

Mushroom Bread, Mendiant BreadBlu

Blue Corn (the signature bread of the Columbus Circle location), Onion Bread and Chestnut Bread

Blue Corn Bread

Beaujolais Walnut Bread

Onion Bread

Holiday Bread Basket: Mini Tumeric, Mini Walnut, Mini Fig, Mini Raisin Walnut, Mini Seed Bread