Photos: Maison Kayser Brings Mouthwatering Breads, Pastries To The Upper West Side

These smell and taste as good as it looks.<br/>

Executive head baker Yann Ledoux and Eric Kayser himself—Kayser is holding a holiday bread basket, with ten rolls inside<br>

Raisin walnut bread and Mission fig bread

At the Upper West Side location<br/>

A bread basket at the table.<br/>


The cafe at the Upper West Side location.<br/>

Specialty breads <br/>

Ledoux gets started on some dough. <br/>

Loaves that have had time to rise; Maison Kayser breads use levain, a liquid leavening. <br/>

Scoring baguettes.<br/>

Baguettes baking.<br/>

Ledoux discusses how baking times range from 18 minutes to 21 minutes, depending on the weather.<br/>

A few more of the breads, including the savory Olive bread, my personal favorite.

Ledoux creates the "Epi" baguettes by using his scissors to cut along the baguette. The Epi looks like a stalk of wheat and is great for sharing.<br/>

Ledoux holds an Epi baguette.<br/>

Creating another bread for sharing.<br/>

Perhaps a heart shape for bread lovers?<br/>

The finished product!<br/>