Photos: Here's What Gothamist Ate For Thanksgiving

<br/><br/>This Thanksgiving Gothamist staffers had lots to be thankful for: we weren't forced to <a href="">don turkey feathers</a>, the <a href="">floats flew after all</a> and nobody <a href="">served a cockentrice</a> (to the best of our knowledge).<br/><br/>Just before <a href="">slipping into a food coma</a>, staffers <a href="">released their inner Marthas</a> and documented their holiday spreads to share with the internet. From the uber traditional to the trendy holiday mashup to the super minimalist, there's quite a variety when it comes to our Thanksgiving dinners.<br/><br/>Eat something wild and wacky yesterday? Share it in the comments!

<br/><br/>"Clockwise from the turkey at nine o'clock: Chinese "stuffing" (sticky rice with dried shiitake mushrooms, dried shrimp, dried scallop, Chinese sausage, scallion); potatoes dauphinoise; roasted brussel sprouts; American stuffing; roasted butternut squash; peas in cream with leeks and bacon. And at the center, cranberry-fruit jello!<br/><br/>Best holiday for the ages, hands down." - Jen Chung

<br/><br/>From Jen Carlson, Instagrammed for your pleasure: "Arugula-stuffed ravioli topped with burrata, roasted baby heirloom tomatoes with thyme, shredded and creamed Brussels sprouts, The Band on in the background. A barefoot al fresco Los Angeles Thanksgiving. (Paired with Merlot from a "cube of wine" I bought at Target.) Consumed alone. Utterly utterly alone."

<br/><br/>Though he's disgusted by food photography and thinks "nutrition is a revolutionary necessity but food fetishism is a bourgeois trait!" Gothamist publisher Jake Dobkin showed off his trendy (yet traditional) Park Slope Thanksgivukah plate, which included turkey, cranberry sauce and latkes with apple sauce.

<br/><br/>Managing Editor John Del Signore's dispatch: "From top, clockwise, we're looking at my stepmother Mary's superlative ratatouille, her kick-ass eggplant parm roll, one of sister Lisa's 'world famous' muffins, some cranberries, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Mostly cruelty free Thanksgiving dinner, except for the dairy :("

<br/><br/>Sales Executive Josh Steele supped at his in-laws, who kept things classic with a spread that included turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and wine. "Pretty basic but tasty!" according to Steele.

<br/><br/>Editor Lauren Evans took a minimalist approach to this year's holiday meal: "That's a roast potato. Just one."

<br/><br/>"Our cabin upstate had some surprises. Clockwise from left: wildlife guides, lovely vase, deadly weapon, turkey leg, sausage stuffing, green bean casserole from scratch, bacon mashed potatoes with giblet gravy." - Sales Assistant Monica Schmelzer

<br/><br/>Nell Casey's plate was a study in brown, including meat from a 24-pound turkey, gibblet gravy, sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes, boiled carrots, roasted onions, canned cranberry sauce and a roll with butter because why the hell not.<br/><br/>Please take note of celery stalks, whose placement on the table was something of a mystery.

<br/><br/>Rebecca Fishbein "mostly ate pie, but also sweet potatoes and turkey and some Brussel sprout situation I was suspicious of but it ended up being ok." Extra points for artful sun-dappled photography!

<br/><br/>Account Executive Allison Davis' celebration included Manhattans made with the Employees Only recipe plus a bevy of appetizers including braciole, bruschetta with peppers, capers and Gorgonzola and mushrooms stuffed with pepperoni, cheese and bread crumbs. For the main event: this gorgeous specimen resting on a bed of cranberries.

<br/><br/>Editor Chris Robbins enjoyed a Southern-esque menu: "Green beans, Virginia ham, turkey, gravy, cornbread stuffing, green beans, kale &amp; turnip greens, roasted sweet potatoes, homemade sweet pickles, roll."