Photos: Fried Peanut Butter Cups On A Stick & So Much More At The Minnesota State Fair

"Jurassic" corn dog (with iPhone for scale)<br>

Tater twists<br>

Pizza tots<br>

Mini donuts<br>

33oz of root beer float<br>

The giant slide!<br>

Buffalo and vegetable "Minnekabobs"<br>

PB&J french toast sandwich<br>

"The original corn dog"<br>

Belgian waffle on a stick<br>

Chocolate dessert salami<br>

Deep-fried peanut butter cups on a stick<br>

$16 gets you an entire bucket of fresh chocolate chip cookies<br>

Beer gelato (2% abv)<br>

Chicken in a waffle<br>

Waffle ice cream sandwich<br>


Deep-fried breakfast sandwich on a stick<br>

Here be curds<br>

Cheese curds<br>