Photos: Check Out The Gothamist Staff's Thanksgiving Plates

As the token vegetarian at Thanksgiving dinner, I always make sure there are some delicious veggies for me to eat. Thanksgiving is about indulgence, so they've got to be filling and require at least one stick of butter to cook. <br/><br/>Pictured is a squash and kale stuffed chive biscuit, roasted cauliflower and purple carrots with toasted Panko breadcrumbs, mushroom and leek "pigs" in a blanket, sautéed garlic green beans and brussels and creamy mash. - Shayla Love

Turkey, cranberry fruit mold, stuffing, peas, corn salad, Brussels sprouts and butternut squash. - Jen Chung

I did not eat that much this year, but here's some turkey, gravy, sweet potato, cranberry sauce. Not pictured: a lot of spiked cider. - Rebecca Fishbein

Mashed potatoes, creamy sweet potatoes, homemade stuffing, green beans, turkey, grateful to be actually celebrating Thanksgiving for the first time in three years. - Ben Yakas

What we have here is corn pudding, maple Brussels sprouts, roasted root vegetables, candied yams, mashed potatoes, cranberry cherry compote, a croissant, Grandma Janet's famous stuffing and a slice of bird (for photo purposes only) as well as a chalice of Stella (not a glass). - Morgan Walters

Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Stuffing, Root Veggies, and Cannolis for dessert (not shown, because they immediately went into my tummy! nom nom) haha All courtesy of Whole Foods catering ;) - Ana Milteer

Turkey, stuffing, spiced decorative gourds, carrots, 50 percent of a "Hail Satan" centerpiece. - Lauren Evans

Creamed spinach + cauliflower with crispy fried onions, apple spirals, Field Roast "Celebration Roast." - Jen Carlson

Bistro Beef Stew atop steamed potatoes, salad, sourdough roll, butter, bourbon. Fuck turkey. - Nell Casey

My mom had an episode so I got my plate to go. She's fine now, so obviously we're all thankful for that. Also thankful my sister Lisa's "world famous" muffins were still warm when I popped the lid. - John Del Signore

Clockwise: Beef tenderloin, twice baked potato, collards, crab cake w/tartar sauce, rolls, whipped turnips. Not pictured: deviled eggs, kale & brussels sprout salad, second plate I consumed identical to this one, pecan pie. - Chris Robbins