Patsy Grimaldi Returns! Juliana's Pizza Officially Open Under Brooklyn Bridge

<p>A small pepperoni pie from Patsy Grimaldi's new pizza place, Juliana's Pizza.</p>

<p>The small margherita pie. Given the charing on the pepperoni pie, the staff is obviously still learning the oven.</p>

<p>Nice pepperoni curl. The pies have nice flavoring in the sauce and salt to the crust.</p>

<p>A margherita slice. Slices are thicker than those at Grimaldi's, fluffier and easier to chew.</p>

<p>Nice char on the bottom as evidenced in this upskirt.</p>

<p>Patsy Grimaldi was busy monitoring the product when not talking to customers.</p>

<p>The pizza offerings. </p>

<p>Nothing like the old Grimaldi's. Out are the checkered table cloths, in is modern decor and lots of dark wood.</p>

<p>Passers by already curious about the new space.</p>