Mysterious Brooklyn Pharmacy to Host Goat Roast, More

<p>The pharmacy at 513 Henry Street from the outside. It is not yet clear whether the pharmacy will reopen as the <a href="">Farmacy</a>. “Patrick (Kiley) opened the door and helped get this going," said Jake Cirell. "The Greenhorns party will hopefully lead to other things.”</p>

<p>Jake Cirell in the rooftop garden. Behind him is a kiddie pool that has been enlisted to grow tomatoes. “It’s good to find materials to convert into planters,” said Cirell. “Otherwise you start paying hundreds of dollars of planters and soil in exchange for five dollars worth of greens.”</p>

<p>Patrick Kiley at the rainwater collector. Hay mulches on a taller section of rooftop, and rainwater washes through the mulch, traveling down the gutter into the collection barrel seen here. Cirell converted a food-safe detergent barrel he "borrowed" from his day job at the <a href="">Greenpoint Beer Works</a> to make the collector. It provides water for the garden. </p>

<p>The rooftop garden is producing potatoes. “It’s nice to live amongst plants,” Freeman says. The Maine native recently relocated to New York, after having lived and worked on a Hawaiian island for the previous seven years. “One guy owns the whole island,” said Freeman. “It was like a fiefdom. I built a woodshop and sawmill there.”</p>

<p>Petey Freeman tends to the plants. The wall behind him will soon be covered with tomatoes that grow upside-down in four gallon buckets. Tomato branches poke through a hole in the bottom of the bucket, and Freeman will plant beans ("or any nitrogen fixing plant") in the top part of each bucket. “I did it for a friend in Bushwick,” he said. "I'm not sure how well it will work, but it saves space."</p>

<p>A closer look at the potatoes. </p>

<p>All plants on the roof of 513 Henry Street have been grown from seed. “If anyone wants help starting their own rooftop garden, we’ll help them out,” says Freeman. “We can even help with supplies, too,” said Cirell. "We have a lot of surplus."</p>

<p>From left: Petey Freeman, Jake Cirell, Patrick Kiley. The rooftop garden consists of planters made from kiddie pools and food-grade plastic barrels that have been sawn in half. Five gallon buckets hold tomato plants, and an old refrigerator hosts a bumper crop of kale. There’s even a plant growing out of a small guitar. A smoker made from a barrel and spare parts sits in one corner of the rooftop garden. “It makes the crappiest chicken taste like the best chicken in the world,” says Cirell. Current crops include tomatoes, basil, potatoes, chard, chives, and a hops plant. </p>

<p>A framed photograph depicts the pharmacy as it was more than 60 years ago. Not much has changed inside the space since then. </p>

<p>Inside the pharmacy. Walls are lined with rows of drawers and antique wooden cabinets. Bottles fill the shelves: Apsult No. 5, Lycopodium, Sodii Bromidum. From the look of things, a lot of powders, medicines and tinctures have been in stock for the last seventy years, or more. </p>

<p>Inside the pharmacy, old equipment, medicine scales, and supplies are stacked on the counters and along the walls. In the back area where prescriptions were once filled, there are boxes of ancient Trojans and tins of pomade manufactured in Brooklyn. Here, a typewriter on the counter displays an optimistic message.</p>

<p>More drawers. </p>

<p>And yet more drawers. If they are able to reopen the pharmacy, Cirell and Freeman said they would want to keep the prices of fresh vegetables as low as possible. “You’d be able to find out what we're selling over the internet,” said Cirell. “Maybe we could Twitter our vegetables,” said Freeman. “I'd want this to be the number one bacon purveyor in the city,” Cirell added.</p>

<p>If they are able to open a soda fountain and “on demand CSA” in the old pharmacy space on Henry Street, Cirell and Freeman said they'll rig this old scale and horoscope machine so that the greater amount of coins that are inserted, the better off the fortune will be. “For example," said Freeman, "You’ll meet your true love now." Cirell chimed in: “Then Petey will walk out and be like, hey babe."</p>