Inside Bedford Cheese Shop's Darling New Irving Place Fromagerie

Bedford Cheese Shop in Gramercy

<p>Staffer Chris Hanawalt and owner Charlotte Kamin. <br/><br/> </p>

<p>Per the shop's description: "Saxon Creamery Evalon, raw goat's milk, Cleveland, WI – White, creamy, silky, smooth, sweet, delicious...supple – this goat's milk round is getting more attention from priests all over the place. This cheese comes from happy hippy goats that only eat whole grains. You can absolutely taste their clean auras and zen minds and is a perfect partner for spicy foods, herby 'treats,' or cold bubbly." <br/><br/> </p>

<p>Per the shop's description: "Tomme Corse, raw sheep, Corsica – Tangy and salty, this Corsican sheep dream is crazier than that time you took too much mescaline in your parents' basement. You can taste the chestnut and eucalyptus trees. You can feel the wild, mountainous interior on your tongue. Colors are so vivid and this song sounds so good. You are totally tripping and you need this cheese. Pair with an IPA and a coloring book."<br/><br/> </p>

<p>Per the shop's description: "Australian Feta, goat, Victoria, Australia – Unlike any feta you've ever had, unless you're Australian. It's creamy, oil soaked, and god-like. Smear on top a crunchy baguette, throw on a Mel movie, and fantasize about grazing goats, and lush land."<br/><br/> </p>

<p>Per the shop's description: "Morbier, raw cow, Tours, France – Rodolphe Meunier is like the Luke Perry of the cheese world, all brooding and foxy. He can do no wrong. In fact, he can only do right. Like taking one of the most misrepresented cheeses known to man, and making it good. Like, real good. Like, so good you'll keep going back to him even though he's still sleeping with Kelly." <br/> <br/> </p>