How Do You (Lobster) Roll?

<a href="">Red Hook Lobster Pound</a>, $15

<a href="">Mermaid Oyster Bar</a>, $26

<a href="">Luke's Lobster</a>, $14

<p>From Citi Field!</p>

Ed's Lobster Bar

their recipe

<a href="">Pearl Oyster Bar</a>, $27

<a href="">Clemente's Maryland Crab Shack</a>, $14.95

<a href="">MTK Chowder House</a>

<p>Red Hook Lobster Pound (again!) @ the Brooklyn Flea, $13</p>

<a href="">Ditch Plains</a>

Dr. Claw, typically $15 or less

<p>According to <a href="">Jauntsetter</a>, "the West Village's Bobo restaurant is offering up a little bit of summer in the form of $14 Lobster Rolls and $10 Spiked Watermelon." Yum!</p>

<p>Bryant Park Grill's lobster roll has a lot going on!</p>