Food Bank for NYC's 2008 Celebrity Lunchbox Auction

<p>Mike Mills's (REM) lunchbox.</p>

<p>Salman Rushdie with his date, Topaz Page Green</p>

<p>Mike Myers listens to another guest</p>

<p>Michael Stipe</p>

<p>Julia Stiles</p>

<p>Julia Stiles's lunchbox.</p>

<p>Designed by Rogan, this lunchbox comes with ear-protective muffs, a noise warning placard and a red lever on the top implying that if you push it something extremely loud will happen.</p>

<p>Tony Bennett's lunchbox</p>

<p>Rachael Ray's box!!!</p>

<p>Gwyneth Paltrow's lunchbox. One gets the sense she asked her kids to decorate it.</p>