First Bite: Last Night's 'Gourmet' Preview of Shang

<p>Sashimi of hamachi with pickled daikon, Japanese grapefruit juice, and soy.</p>

<p>Cole slaw, Susur Lee style: bowls of the chef’ signature Singapore Slaw were passed around. It is made with carrot, jicama, purple basil seedlings, daikon sprouts, cucumber, and many other ingredients. It’s dressed with rice vinegar and salted apricot paste, and garnished with toasted peanuts and all sorts of other stuff. </p>

<p>Part of Shang’s dining room, designed by Jim Walrod. Black leather banquettes flank the space, and immense lanterns hang over the center tables. At the back left is a semi-private dining space with Chinese screened walls; each panel depicts Chinese folk art, silk screened figures in various stages of naughty acts. </p>