Eat Cetera: Tasting Insects, Eating Upstairs, Thinking Globally

<em>Via <a href="">Girl Meets Food</a></em><p></p><strong>Insect Tasting Menu:</strong> Heads up: Half of the tickets are <em>already sold out </em>for <a href="">the insect tasting at Brooklyn Kitchen</a> Saturday night! The $85 four course menu is being prepared by Philip Ross, creator of the San Francisco based CRITTER Salon, and the dinner will include such succulent pairings as: Wax Moth Larvae ceviche and Brooklyn Lager; Grass Hoppers with San Honesto Mezcal; and sautéed mealworms and yucca in a garlic and chipotle sauce (pairing T.B.D., but might we suggest whatever makes people BLACK OUT and forget what they've done?). Brooklyn Kitchen owner Taylor Erkkinen <a href="">tells the Daily News</a>, "People are kind of interested, but also skeeved out." But two's a trend, isn't it? <a href="">Just last month</a>, Chiles and Chocolate restaurant in Park Slope started serving their "better-than-average guac" with the option of roasted grasshoppers, "an actual Oaxacan tradition." Next up: An "Underground Larva Guy" making "locally-sourced" deliveries out of a secret Greenpoint basement.

<strong>Upstairs at The Kimberly Hotel:</strong> Just because summer's all but over doesn't mean you have to say good-bye to roof bars with spectacular views, at least not at <a href="">Upstairs</a>, where the fully retractable roof and heated floor make this newish midtown east bar a year-round destination. The views of the Chrysler building and city skyline are stunning, and the furnishings are elegant sexy-gothic, with black leather armchairs, ivy walls, a blue marble bar, and strings of incandescent bulbs. <p></p>We told you about Upstairs <a href="">over the summer</a>, but what we failed to emphasize is the quality of the food, which you might expect to be an afterthought at a place like this. But Chef Gwenaël Le Pape, whose resume includes time with Jean-Georges, Windows on the World and Django, is the real deal, and the small plates up here on the 30th floor bode well for his still-unnamed restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel, opening later this year. Le Pape recently invited us up to check out his menu, and the highlights sampled during our visit include the Truffled Mac &amp; Cheese, made with imported Parmesan and Mornay Sauce ($12); the stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese and pesto ($9); and the quite outstanding Yellowfin Tuna Tartare with spicy avocado, ginger olive oil ($18), which was surprisingly spicy and fresh. <p></p>The specialty cocktails from Alex Ott are as expensive as you'd expect at a place like this ($18!) but they're certainly high quality, and there is a variety of beer and reasonably priced wines by the glass as an alternative. Whatever you order, make sure you save room for the gigantic, amazing Profiterolles Pyramid with warm chocolate sauce ($9); it's worth a trip Upstairs for that alone. Well, that and the view.<p></p><em>145 East 50th Street, 212-702-1600</em>

<em>Via <a href="">Yelp</a></em><p></p><strong>Eating Locally, Thinking Globally: </strong>Blending food tasting with college seminars, this Saturday's Eating Locally, Thinking Globally event at the Mae Mae Cafe should teach you everything you need to know about being a locavore. The $75 ticket, with proceeds supporting Columbia College Women’s Scholarship fund, includes multiple courses with wine pairings, all sourced from Katchkie Farm in Upstate New York. Between courses there will be discussions with locavore experts like Jerusha Klemperer of Slow Food USA about how eating locally affects everything from nutrition to politics. Plus, <a href="">every ticket</a> comes with a gift bag with swag from places like Aveda, Cavemen Cookies and Grown Up Sodas.<p></p><em>68 Vandam Street</em>