Eat Cetera: Belgian Beer Feast, Hanukkah "Rager," & Latkes

<em><a href="">Katie Sokoler</a>/Gothamist</em><p></p><strong>Family-Style Belgian Beer and Food Dinner:</strong> You're missing out if you don't subscribe to <a href="">Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn</a>; their colorful, in-depth (but not dense) profiles on the local eating and drinking scene are essential reading for anyone curious about what they're putting in their mouths. And <a href=";invite=NTM5NzMzL3RpcHNAZ290aGFtaXN0LmNvbS8w%0A&amp;utm_source=eb_email&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=invitenew&amp;utm_term=eventpage">on Monday night</a> you've got the unique opportunity to get yourself a subscription <em>and </em>get yourself filled up with Belgian beer and food at the festive restaurant <a href="">Almond</a>, <a href="">a Gothamist favorite</a>. Edible is hosting a four-course family-style beer dinner featuring Stella Artois, Leffe and Hoegaarden beers. <p></p>The menu includes a "Raw Bar for a Chilly Day" (Shrimp Cocktail, Clams Casino, &amp; Oysters Rockefeller), "Choucroute Garnie Our Way" (Red Wattle Ham Chops; Turkey &amp; Oxtail Crepinettes; Cheddar &amp; Jalapeno Bratwursts; Chicken/Apple Sausages; House Cured Pancetta; Pickled Calf Tongue). There will also be House Fermented Sauerkraut, Roasted Root Vegetables, and Warm Sticky Toffee Date Cake and Creme Fraiche Ice Cream for dessert. The whole thing, which includes unlimited food and drink for the night PLUS a subscription to Edible Manhattan (a value of $35) PLUS access to a pool table, costs just $40. We just found out about that today—tickets will sell out faster than you can say "<em>Stelllllaaaa!</em>" so don't procrastinate! <p></p><em>December 6th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at <a href="">Almond</a>, 12 East 22nd Street, <a href=";invite=NTM5NzMzL3RpcHNAZ290aGFtaXN0LmNvbS8w%0A&amp;utm_source=eb_email&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=invitenew&amp;utm_term=eventpage">Tickets</a> </em>

<strong>Alcoholiday:</strong> F*&amp;$ the DOH and their <a href="">moderate drinking tirade</a>, because Idle Hands wants to kick off December with a "RAGER." They'll be hosting <a href="">three holiday-themed events</a> this week, starting with tonight's Christmas night, where they'll feature 20+ winter beers at $1 off, cupcakes from The Land of Cake Believe, and team trivia starting at 7:30 p.m.<p></p>Tomorrow they'll celebrate "The First Night of Hanukkah" with the release of He'BREW Jewbelation Elevation and <em>more</em> cupcakes. Finally, Thursday night's <a href="">Alcoholiday party</a> will be serving "Holiday Suck" shots (tequila with cinnamon and an orange slice) and presumably a Santa-themed Bed Intruder Song sing-along (seriously, <a href="">there are lyrics</a> on the website). But what, no Kwanzaa party? (<em>Jaya Saxena</em>)<p></p><em>25 Avenue B, (917) 338-7090</em>

<strong>Mile End Latkes:</strong> Surprisingly popular Montreal-style "Smoked Meat" deli <a href="">Mile End</a> is rounding out a hell of a debut year (it opened in Boerum Hill in January) by jumping into the Hanukkah festivities with relish. <a href="">Grub Street reports</a> that for the restaurant’s first Festival of Lights, <a href="">proprietor Noah Bernamoff</a> will offer a nightly latke trio ($10): one Yukon-chive, one butternut squash, and one parsnip-and-celery-root, garnished with tart housemade apple sauce, sweet chunky quincesauce, and smoked-paprika sour cream. After all that fried fun, naturally you'll want dessert, so enjoy some doughnuts called sufganiyot, which come stuffed with Mile End’s own Concord-grape jelly, and olive-oil cake.<p></p><em>97A Hoyt St, Brooklyn </em>