Compose: Tribeca's Dainty New Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge

<p>Warm mozzarella sphere, smoked grape, candied walnuts, and tarragon. Sokoler tells us, "You're supposed to put the bowl up to your mouth and just scoop it all in your mouth at once. The mozzarella sphere looks like an egg yolk and just explodes in your mouth. I know this from first hand experience!"</p>

<p>Rum Swizzle</p>

<p>Butter Poached Lobster with Lemon Cream, American Sturgeon Caviar, Cocoa Butter, Nasturtium Leaves, and Chervil</p>

<p>Kumamoto Oyster with Cucumber Brunoise, Lapsang Souchang Vinegar, Micro Red Shiso</p>