Cabrito Pays High-End Homage to Mexican Street Fare

<p>The bar at Cabrito goes the extra mile by putting a pool of lime and salt atop your can of Tecate. Careful you don't dribble.</p>

<p>Raw oysters with sangrita, a spicy tomato-based concoction and a tequila shot. Take the waiter's advice: Slurp the oyster then back it with sips of tequila and sangrita. </p>

<p>Surf and turf: The star of the Ensenada-style fish taco is flaky fried pollack. It takes its name from a town just across the border from Baja, Calif. The housemade chorizo taco contains crunchy ground pork fortified with fatback and seasoned with house made arbol chili powder among other things.</p>

<p>Didn't have a chance to try the shrimp and tamarind ceviche but given Schuttenberg's fish tacos it's probably damn good.</p>

<p>Want supple, tender young goat like this? Simple: marinate it for a day in onion, garlic serrano chili, seville orange juice, tequila and chili adobo. Cooking it low and slow over a bed of onion, garlic and pineapple doesn't hurt either.</p>