Burger Bash Recap, a.k.a. Major Meat Coma

<p>Signage on the wall of the Tobacco Warehouse, DUMBO</p>

<p>Chef Tom Colicchio serves up Team Craft's Burger with a grin</p>

<p>Burgers, just waiting to be eaten.</p>

<p>Giada, posing with a fan.</p>

<p>Putting on the finishing touches.</p>

<p>Art &amp; Soul served up the Hoe Cake Burger</p>

<p>Strip House burgers with goose fat potatoes.</p>

<p>Katie Lee Joel, Burger Bash Champion</p>

<p>A closeup of the Burke Burger</p>

<p>67 Burger -- representing Brooklyn.</p>

<p>Rachel Ray and Lee Schrager, looking less than enthusiastic about tasting their umpteenth burger.</p>