Bloomberg Be Damned: NYC Gets Store Dedicated To Salt

<p>Papohaku Opal Hawaiian sea salt: "Try this salt sprinkled on grilled fish, plantains, fruit salads, or perhaps most startlingly, sushi and sashimi, is where this salt can, quite literally, make your food shine. Other recommendations are for pan seared your scallops."</p>

<p>Djibouti Boule: "Drop a ball of Djibouti Boule into a frozen shot glass of chilled gin or vodka and sip briskly, a sort of dirty Martini, hold the olive juice. Or wrap one with ground lamb, egg, breadcrumbs, and herbs and do meat-encrusted salt balls."</p>

<p>Black Diamond</p>

<p>Kala Namak, India's Volcanic Black Salt: "In India, a common appetizer is a pinch of Kala Namak eaten with a slice of fresh ginger before a main meal."</p>

<p>Maboroshi Plum Salt: "Use Maboroshi Plum salt with broiled white fish dishes, and definitely try it on soft boiled eggs! Another great side of food to explore with Maboroshi Plum salt is sashimi and sushi."</p>