Behold: The 10 Unhealthiest Dishes We Could Find In NYC

<p>In this, the Great Age Of Instagram Food, more and more restaurants in the city are boosting their social media presence by creating massive calorie and cholesterol mountains that'll look fantastic in your feed even as they add inches to your waistline and take precious moments off your life. Now that it's almost the Season of Sweaters, we went and sought out the unhealthiest, made-for-Instagram dishes we could find in NYC.</p>

<p><strong>Grilled Beast of Midtown East at Pullman Kitchen ($25)</strong></p><p>Okay so this one's more than a little stunty, as you get a free "I Conquered..." t-shirt if you finish it, but the Pullman Kitchen's Grilled Beast certainly qualifies as a heart attack on a plate. There are two kinds of melted cheese in the sandwich, loads of bacon and ham and fried chicken, a mess of spicy peppers, fried kale (who let that in here?), and two full cornbread waffles covered in maple syrup, all between slices of sourdough bread. Comes with waffle fries and a pile of pickles because at this point why the hell not. </p><p>The Pullman Kitchen is at 959 Second Avenue (<a href=""></a>)</p>

<p><strong>The DSNY Hero at Anthony and Son ($12)</strong></p><p>There are plenty of choices at this old-school Williamsburg sandwich shop if you're looking to indulge, but the DSNY Hero may be Anthony and Sons most wonderfully fiendish creation. Here, in one hefty package, you get greasy griddled steak, thick-cut fries, a fried egg and some bacon (because why not eat breakfast too?), brown gravy, and two kinds of melted cheese: muenster and cheddar. This is all encompassed by buttered garlic bread. Get it with one of their extra-thick Nutella Milkshakes and take a seven-year nap.</p><p>Anthony and Son Panini Shoppe is at 433 Graham Avenue (<a href=""></a></p>

<p><strong>The Triple Bacon Cheeseburger at Hard Times Sundaes ($13.75)</strong></p><p>When the beloved Brooklyn-based food truck opened a stand in the Vanderbilt Market near Grand Central last spring, huge new swaths of the population could quicken their pace towards cardiac arrest with Andrew Zurica's delicious towers of cheese-drenched meat. Sure, you don't have to get the triple at Hard Times Sundaes, nor do you need to add bacon or chili, but c'mon! You're never going to get the "likes" you deserve without it.</p><p>Hard Times Sundaes is at UrbanSpace Vanderbilt, 230 Park Avenue (<a href=""></a>)</p>

<p><strong>Buffalo Chicken Mac N Cheese at Jacob's Pickles ($14)</strong></p><p>Jacob's Pickles was something a revelation for Upper West Siders when it opened in 2011, serving up <a href="">massive plates of excellent "artisanal craft" comfort food</a>, calories be damned. The skillet of Buffalo Chicken Mac n' Cheese is definitely one of the <a href="">most unhealthy options</a>, featuring chunks of fried chicken, a blanket of melted cheese (laid on THICK), and a seemingly never-ending pile of pasta. The dish will cure even the nastiest hangover, though maybe that's just because you need such a long-ass nap after finishing. </p><p>Jacob's Pickles is at 509 Amsterdam Avenue (<a href=""></a>)</p>

<p><strong>The Macamochip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich at City Cakes ($6.75)</strong></p><p>Down in the basement of a nondescript residential building in Chelsea lurks some of NYC's most outrageous cookies, the insanely sweet (and delicious!) half-pounders at City Cakes. They also do elaborate custom cakes and such, but whatever: if you're looking for a meteoric sugar rush, wolf down just any of these big-as-your-head beasts, but especially the brand-new Macamochip, which is crammed full with milk chocolate chips, macadamias (our most caloric and fattiest of nuts), a thick layer of gooey Nutella, crispy rice cereal, and, if you want (and, yes, you do want) a double scoop of Fior di Latte gelato. Guaranteed to triple your heart rate in ten minutes flat! </p><p>City Cakes is at 251 West 18th Street (<a href=""></a>)</p>

<p><strong>The Super Rich Ramen at Zundo-ya ($13)</strong></p><p>Any Tonkatsu worth its salt will already be plenty rich, but at the East Village Zundo-ya you get to decide exactly *how* rich you want it with their handy Pork Fatback ordering system. There's Light (whatever), Regular (this is what most places are like), Rich (whoa...), and Super Rich, which is so deliriously thick and greasy in your mouth that your gnawing instincts kick in and you start trying to chew the broth. Choose your own adventure.</p><p>Zundo-ya is at 85 East 10th Street (<a href=""></a>)</p>

<p><strong>The Gucci Mane at Flattops ($12)</strong> </p><p>At this homage-to-hip-hop diner in Astoria you can get lots of normal-sounding burgers and sides... or you can order a Gucci Mane, a big-ass beef patty topped with Captain Crunch-crusted bacon, gobs of melted Gruyere, and raspberry jam. This is all smashed between two slices of French toast brioche. That's like brunch, dinner, and dessert all in one sandwich!</p><p>Flattops is at 33-06 Ditmars Boulevard (<a href=""></a>)</p>

<p><strong>The Black Tap Milkshake ($15)</strong></p><p>Pick any of <a href="">Black Tap's $15 milkshakes</a> at random - how about the Sour Power, a black cherry shake with sour gummi poppers, pixie sticks, whipped cream, and nerds? - and you're basically eating a whole bag of fake-flavor candy as an accompaniment to your zillion-ingredient ice cream. <a href="">Some have estimated</a> that these monsters pack an astounding 2,500 to 3,000 calories each. No wonder most people don't even bother finishing them after they've uploaded a pic to their Instagram.</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="" width="640"></iframe></p><p>There are Black Taps in SoHo (529 Broome Street) and the Meatpacking (248 West 14th Street), with more to come. (<a href=""></a>)</p>

<p><strong>Pizza Box Pizza at Vinnie's Pizzeria ($40)</strong></p><p>Pizza is practically health food compared to some of the stuff on this list, but pile on enough layers of dough and oily cheese and whatever else you usually put on your pies and you can achieve bonafide calorie bomb status in a hurry. Like at Vinnie's Pizzeria for instance, where they sell lots of just regular good-tasting slices but also the <a href="">now-legendary Pizza Box Pizza</a>, in which your pizza pie is delivered in a box that also an actual pizza. And if you get one of Vinnie's Pizza Inception Pies (that's a pizza topped with slices of pizza) inside a Pizza Box Pizza... well you're just asking to lie down and never get up again.</p><p>Vinnies is in Williamsburg (148 Bedford Avenue) and Greenpoint (253 Nassau Avenue) (<a href=""></a></p>

<p><strong>Loaded Tots and Fries at Breakroom ($6.95)</strong></p><p>Breakroom is run by the same mad genius food crew as L.E.S. Kitchen, but while the Kitchen Sink Fries at the latter are spectacularly unhealthy (and some of <a href="">the best fries in NYC</a>), the Breakroom Fries at the former push that fat- and calorie-limit even further. Here's what you get for under $7: firmly-cooked fries, crunchy tots, a runny fried egg, loads of chewy pork belly and crisp pieces of bacon, jalapenos and scallions just to add some bite, a dairy-farm-worth's of melted cheese and a liberal drizzle of creamy, spicy house sauce. This is about two-days worth of food.</p><p>Breakroom is at 83 Baxter Street (<a href="">breakroomnyc</a>)</p>