A History Of Chain Restaurants And The Lobster Roll

McDonald's has a lobster roll but they only serve it at some restaurants in New England and Canada. They call it the McLobster sandwich and it's served with white McLobster sauce made out of mayo, salad dressing and tartar sauce and the commercial gives us nightmares. But man... the price is right.

<p>Au Bon Pain has a <a href=";f=112">Lobster Salad Sandwich</a>, served on a buttered croissant for $12.99 + tax. (You can get them right here in NYC, right now!) The whole thing weighs in at 440 calories and features ingredients like: lobster meat, croissant, and high fructose corn syrup. <a href=",_NY_10022.html">One brave reviewer</a> survived an encounter with the sandwich, but said: "There was just too much of a seafood taste, which is usually the result of something not being fresh. It tasted very cheap and not very much like lobster (tasted like pollack). There was also too much mayonnaise involved."</p>

<p>Quiznos has a lobster roll, though they aren't serving them in New York City at the moment (oddly, they seem to serve them up sometime in March). Some brave souls have sunk their teeth in to the rolls, despite them <a href="">looking like this</a> in real life. <a href="">One reviewer</a> noted, "These lobster rolls are seasonal and like Au bon pain’s choose them only as the last lobster resort."</p>

<p>You'll have to cross the border to Connecticut for the <a href="">D'Angelo lobster sandwiches</a>, which come on a sub roll, or toasted bread. The latter is for their lobster club ("100% real lobster lightly tossed with mayonnaise and served with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and Bistro sauce") and can be served as a Surf &amp; Turf alongside a steak and cheese sandwich. Through the end of the month they also have a Lobster Nation Meal Deal for $11.99, and includes their "Traditional Lobster sandwich" (their large version weighs in at a whopping <a href=";c=sub&amp;n=lobster">1150 calories</a>!).</p>

<p>Subway sandwiches had a lobster roll of their own at one time, but they seemed to discontinue it. When it was on the menu, the 6" sandwich seemed cost <a href="">$15.50 for a foot long</a>, with <a href="">one reviewer</a> shelling out the cash to discover that the "harsh cold lobster meat did not make a good sandwich. Also, the cheese was a bad addition. Sharp processed cheese flavors with sweet lobster was an odd combination." Also... the sandwich <a href="">LOOKED LIKE THIS</a>.</p>