7 East Village Coffee Spots To Try While You Wait For The Bean To Reopen

<em>An ironic latte from Abraço (<a href="">EssG</a>'s flickr)</em><br/><br/><strong><a href="">Abraço</a>:</strong> More of a hole-in-the-wall than a sit down coffee shop, this spot pulls solid espressos six days a week. The only downside to getting hooked on their creamy lattes? Not only are they closed on Mondays, they like to close up shop before most people are out of work.<br/><br/><em>86 East 7th Street // 212-388-9731</em>

<em>Mmmm, Ninth Street Espresso</em><br/><br/><strong><a href="">Ninth Street Espresso</a>:</strong> In ten years this little coffee group has already expanded well past its namesake street, but so what? They serve delicious coffee (and excellent iced coffees) in a jovial setting. Oh, and the free WiFi is nice for the working writer!<br/><br/><em>700 East 9th Street // 212-358-9225</em>

<em>Enjoying a cup at B Cup (<a href="">B Cup</a>).</em><br/><br/><strong><a href="">B Cup Café</a>:</strong> For the Stuy Town set, B Cup is a blessing. The wifi is free, the seating is ample (considering the size of the space) and the coffee is just fine. This is not the coffee shop that will blow your mind, but it will make you feel at home when you settle in for your java fix.<br/><br/><en>212 Avenue B // 212-228-4808</en>

<em>Just follow the sign (<a href="">onesevernone</a>'s flickr)</em><br/><br/><strong><a href="">Ost Cafe</a>:</strong> Over on Avenue A this coffee shop offers all the java options you are expecting in a lovely setting (big windows!) with charming service. The pastries ain't bad either!<br/><br/><em>441 East 12th Street // 212-477-5600</em>

<em>Bluebird! (<a href="">Jennifer K. on Yelp</a>)</em><br/><br/><strong><a href="">Bluebird Coffee Shop</a>:</strong> This tiny shop down the block from where The Bean is moving once had a loyal following and still makes a good cup of joe, but a recent change in ownership has made some regulars getting antsy. Still, the location is great (just off the F), the seating is nice and, the last time we checked (which was awhile ago), the pastries were good, too.<br/><br/><em>72 East 1st Street // 212-260-1879</em>

<em>It lives up to its name (<a href="">My Pink Soapbox</a>'s flickr).</em><br/><br/><strong>Café Pick Me Up:</strong> Nothing fancy here, but what do you need fancy for when you've got a good cuppa and a great view of Tompkins Square Park and all the people who walk by it? The service can come with a bit of an attitude, but that's part of its charm. The WiFi isn't free...but hey, they've got wine!<br/><br/><em>145 Avenue A // 212-673-7231</em>

<em>Thinking deeply about Think Coffee (<a href=";set=a.285621318818.145696.797678818&amp;type=1&amp;theater">Facebook</a>)</em><br/><strong><a href="">Think Coffee</a>:</strong> In just a few short years this mini-coffee chain has made a serious mark on the East Village—to the point that it now runs the coffee at the NYU bookstore. But the Bowery location is arguably the company's crown jewel. From the moment they took over the old handbag store on Bleecker and Bowery it has been swamped with folks from all walks. So much so that another coffee shop down the block promptly closed and the Yippie Cafe has had to rethink its MO. That they serve good coffee helps.<br/><br/><em>1 Bleecker Street // 212-533-3366</em>