25 Photos Of People Who Don't Know How To Eat Pizza

(<a href="">Shutterstock/violet blue</a>)

One slice at a time. (<a href="">Shutterstock/couperfield</a>)

She forgot the pizza was there. (<a href="">Shutterstock/Africa Studio</a>)

This is not how to eat pizza. (<a href="">shutterstock/petrenko andriy</a>)

Your chin is not your mouth. (<a href="">Shutterstock/Ariwasabi</a>)

Your teeth are not your mouth. (<a href="">shutterstock/vgstudio</a>)

Your partner is not your mouth. (<a href="">shutterstock/altafulla</a>)

There is no reasonable explanation for there to be this much tomato sauce on this person's face. (<a href="">Shutterstock/er 09</a>)

Put the pie down. (<a href="">shutterstock/yuganov konstantin</a>)

Not quite. (<a href="">Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia</a>)

You have two hands. (<a href="">Shutterstock/cameron whitman</a>

Not even close. (<a href="">shutterstock/wavebreakmedia</a>)

No. (<a href="">shutterstock/piotr mancinski</a>)

Kid, no, c'mon, this is embarrassing. (<a href="">shutterstock/cromary</a>)

Using a knife & fork is bad. Not actually cooking the oddly ambiguous pizza is probably worse. (<a href="">shutterstock/ollyy</a>)

Aforementioned people recreating "Ghost" instead of eating pizza. (<a href="">shutterstock/denizo71</a>

Definitely no. (<a href="">Shutterstock/piotr marcinski</a>)

Haha, but no. (<a href="">shutterstock/marcel jancovic</a>)

If pizza were soup, this might make sense. (<a href="">shutterstock/piotr marcinski</a>)

Um. (<a href="">shutterstock/toranico</a>)

This child is eating his napkin. (<a href="">shutterstock/ianych</a>)

Dude, what are you doing. (<a href="">Shutterstock/air images</a>)

Pay attention to your pizza. (<a href="">Shutterstock/eugenia lucasenco</a>)

This confused person has tried to fit a whole slice into their mouth. Incorrect. (<a href="">shutterstock/skabarcat</a>)

Go home kid, you're drunk. (<a href="">shutterstock/anelina</a>)